Oops, I did it again.

Oops, I did it again.
I switched to Ghost, plus it's October - and that means it's almost Halloween!

Yeah - I changed up my newsletter platform again. I'm sorry - but also, not sorry! While there were a lot of upsides with Revue - my previous newsletter platform - I decided to go the self-hosted route with Ghost instead.

The primary difference maker for me was the ability to publish my blog content as a newsletter (or, my newsletter as blog-content...whatever.) I can still easily syndicate it across social networks but now I'm at least getting some benefit to having the content published on my domain.

A customer said to me the other day (lightly paraphrased):
"How do I know that you build these things if you never tell me?"

I think honestly that's what really prompted the change.

I wanted the ability to publish product updates (via a blog) and have it pushed to customers who opt-in (the newsletter) while maintaining full control over the content.

Right now my product updates get pushed into the Call Theory Slack channel and published on the dashboard of the portal - now they'll be available to customers more easily. (I think!)

Are you coming to GLTSA/ASTAA this weekend?
Make sure you say hello!

Account lockout available for local administrators (to help mitigate potential brute-force attacks possible against local admin accounts):


FirstNet Authority -  how first responders get internet and cellular service in emergencies (like hurricanes): https://www.firstnet.gov/network/TT/deployables

Please, stop running on-premise Exchange. Especially if you don't have someone dedicated to administrating it.

I'll leave you with a few fun things: