Pop quiz, hotshot.

Pop quiz, hotshot.
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This week marks the first IS Scripting Assessment as part of the new Call Theory IS Scripting Sessions. As a result, I have added some new training content for future use in the course - available to all paid subcribers regardless of plan level.

I'm also including the initial PDF of that assessment for all as a starting point for the basics (see bottom.) Future changes and updates to the assessments, including the Intermediate and Advanced versions, will be available to subscribers only.

Not quite as urgent as this, but assesments are important!

The full IS Training Assessment - Basic is available here (subscribers only):

Call Theory

Anatomy of an Intelligent Series Script

As part of the assessment, I created a Script Anatomy guide for understanding the major parts of an Intelligent Series script.

The Script Anatomy breakdown is available here (subscribers only):

Call Theory
Anatomy of an Amtelco Intelligent Series script

Where my devs at?

Finally, for the developer-alter egos out there: You can now request access to the source code for all of my internal tools and utilities.

Head over to https://learn.calltheory.com/library/devs/ where you can find links to the following utilities, as a starting point:

  • Crystal Report SQL Extracter
  • Steptember Step Tracking Web Application
  • NAEO 2021 SQL Workshop Materials
  • InfoPage Viewer (without needing IS)
  • miTeamWeb Theme Generator

Instructions for requesting access to each Github repository are available at the link above.

Download Assessment

Thanks for reading - take a look at the free-copy of the basic asssment below: