End of Active Development for WCTP Gateway

Call Theory WCTP Gateway for the Amtelco eco-system
The intro to the readme.md file at github.com/notifius/wctp-gateway

We would like to inform the Amtelco community that we will be ending active development for WCTP Gateway, our open-source project that provides a gateway between Wireless Communication Transfer Protocol (WCTP) and API Telecom Carriers like Twilio, ThinQ/Commio, Sunwire, Bandwidth.com, and more.

This means that we will not be releasing any further updates or new features. We will continue to provide technical support and bug fixes requested or found by active, paying customers only.

We understand that this news may be disappointing for some users who have come to rely on WCTP Gateway. However, we want to assure you that the existing codebase will remain available on GitHub for anyone who wishes to continue using or modifying the software.

Ultimately, I never was able to get Amtelco to review and approve the WCTP Gateway in the same way afforded to competitor-vendors. I also wasn't able to add the API-licensed features I wanted to the product due to the same lack of response.

Thank you for your understanding and support over the years. I put a ton of time, energy, money (and even some legal protections from patent trolls) into this passion project and couldn't get it off the ground - so it's time to move on.