It's scary out there.

It's scary out there.
Boo! (Happy early halloween)

It's almost Halloween (one of my favorite holidays) - but it's not just costumed-creepers and ghastly-ghouls that you need to be aware of. Read on...if you dare!

Upgrade your 3CX to v18 before November 30th

If you use 3CX for Operator Audio, PBX, or other general phone system operations you'll want to make sure you upgrade to v18 ASAP.

Upgrade to 3CX v18 before the end of November!
You should have already done this! If your currently linked partner hasn't upgraded you, then consider leveraging Call Theory for your 3CX needs!
Call Theory is a 3CX Advanced Certified Partner

I would almost prefer regulations...

At least the industry-created solutions for The Campaign Registry's A2P10DLC has led to more transparent outage information and more consistent message delivery for businesses? Right?


Or are we all still checking DownDetector and dying a little inside when we send a client there? At lease some providers are starting to call out the massive mobile providers who are making a killing off TCR/A2P10DLC.

Text Messaging (SMS/MMS) Incident
Commio (thinQ/teli)’s Status Page - Text Messaging (SMS/MMS) Incident.
A2P messaging outage from AT&T impacting Commio/ThinQ and others

When does a phishing certificate look normal? Turns out, most of the time.

Certificates are widely used for security across many modern applications - how hard is it to spot a fake phishing domain from the certificate?

This article shares some common indicators that may help you determine the legitimacy of a domain's TLS certificate.

An OSINT Analysis of x509 Certificates, Part One: Something Seems Phishy - Gigamon Blog
Threat Research - An OSINT Analysis of x509 Certificates, Part One: Something Seems Phishy Gigamon Blog
Interesting article on x509 certificates and phishing

Buy direct...stop using Amazon.

The Huawei story makes me wonder how secure our logistical supply-chain is for consumer electronics in the US? As small-businesses, we often purchase consumer-oriented electronic devices from online stores (especially Amazon and other large retailers.)

Chinese officers charged in plot to obstruct US Huawei probe
WASHINGTON (AP) — Two suspected Chinese intelligence officers have been charged with attempting to obstruct a U.S. criminal investigation of Chinese tech giant Huawei by offering bribes to someone they thought could provide inside information, the Justice Department announced Monday.
How mindful of your supply-chain security are you?

I think that we should consider avoiding large retailers who have no reason to look into the legitimacy of an item before selling it - instead, go direct to the manufacturer or buy local whenever possible.

A quick example: When buying USB thumb drives, are you confident it's not going to install malware? At best, it'll just trick you into thinking it's bigger than it is.

You may pay a few more dollars, but it's better for the economy, and better for security - buy direct from the manufacturer of the device whenever possible.

Not quite scary, but interesting to me:

Why do people have slips of the tongue?
A psycholinguist explains what’s really going on when people misspeak.
I'm in this article and I don't like it. 
Renowned Arecibo telescope won’t be rebuilt — and astronomers are heartbroken
The US National Science Foundation has decided to instead open an educational centre at the site.
Repurposing iconic James Bond movie location and radio telescope in Puerto Rico