Office Hours Agenda: 10/03/2023

Office Hours Agenda: 10/03/2023
Photo by Gavin Allanwood / Unsplash

I decided to try something new this week: I'm sending the agenda out a few hours before the session. The idea behind it is that you won't forget about it as easily since it's fresh in your mind.

Also, I hit snooze on my reminders to send this out. Maybe I should have AI write this and email it out for me in the future?

Call Theory Weekly Office Hours - Tuesdays at 3pm Eastern!

Last week we focused on Amtelco Intelligent Series scripting and using databases - this week we're going to continue with Amtelco as we look more into API usage.

Specifically, we're going to see if we can use the National Weather Service API to get the forecasted high/low values for a given time period and location - allowing our script to make better decisions around relaying emergency calls to a technician after hours.

We are happy to look at or discuss IT issues you may have before we get into the primary topic of our office hours session.

Additional Office Hours Sessions

We've been asking around about when the best time to add a second office hours session would be. The feedback I received was to stick to Tuesday-Thursday and have a session in the morning.

The possible options (times are Eastern):

  • Tuesday - 10am - 12pm
  • Wednesday - 9am- 11am
  • Thursday - 8am - 10am
I'll be honest - it will take overwhelming feedback to make me commit to an 8am office hours session

If you have any additional feedback, please let me know! Final decisions will be sent out in the next office hours agenda email!

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