Office Hours Agenda: 09/26/2023

Office Hours Agenda: 09/26/2023
Photo by Chris Montgomery / Unsplash

Our Scripting Space Camp is officially over...but that means that our weekly office hours are back!

Call Theory Weekly Office Hours - Tuesdays at 3pm Eastern!

We're working on some changes - and this newsletter is the first of those changes that you will see: we're publishing our weekly office hours agenda ahead of time (instead of just a reminder email.)

We imported our previous subscriber list from - and our email newsletters are now consolidated. If you don't want to be here or I added you in error, please feel free to unsubscribe (link at bottom) - and please accept my apologies.

This week's office hours are going to be focused on Amtelco Intelligent Series scripting - and specifically we're covering:

  • Database usage and integrations
  • National Weather Service API examples

This is effectively a continuation of our scripting summer camp that we wanted to spend some more time on. We'll also be taking questions from attendees on specific ways to use or leverage these technologies - so if you're interested in using databases and APIs in Amtelco scripting we'd love to see you there.

Call Theory Paid Subscribers only...but if you're getting this and aren't a subscriber I'm happy to send you an no-obligation one-time invite until our new plans launch next week. (Just reply back.)